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In view of the rapidly developing and expanding educational sector of the country, the Department of Education has been established as the body to effectively implement and monitor the policies, plans and programs run by the Ministry of Education. The background of the establishment of the department was the need for meaningful implementation by continuing the programs run under the Basic and Primary Education Project and the Secondary Education Development Project.

Nepal Government Gazette published on 9 May 2056 the basic and primary education and secondary education project continued to provide development projects and programs that the Regional Education Directorate, former District Education offices to be activated to make school education more effective in the educational system of the Ministry of Education vibhagaka Has been formed.

Concept of Education and Human Resource Development Center

To develop and expand quality education to help establish and develop an educated, cultured and prosperous and dynamic society through vital and quality education.

Target of Education and Human Resource Development Center

To make education a vehicle of development, to provide basic education to all and to facilitate school level educational opportunities beyond that.

Strategy of Education and Human Resource Development Center

To increase the access of all to education and to make the local level responsible and accountable for the development and expansion of quality education by decentralizing the right to run schools and to help the local and community level to strengthen their role.
To promote and facilitate the harmonious cooperation of public, non-governmental and private sectors to accelerate the development of school education by preparing competitive, timely and capable manpower.
To assist in the development of institutional capacity of the department and its subordinate offices to make the service flow faster, quicker and more effective by making the educational work and process from the center to the school level transparent.
To make school education holistic by making all stakeholders responsible and accountable and to prepare program plans to increase the access of educationally backward classes, groups and women to education.
Strategy of Education and Human Resource Development Center

To provide necessary technical assistance to educational institutions and bodies,
To increase the access of all to education, to develop and expand education and to develop the capacity of educational institutions for the purpose of providing quality education,
Strengthen the monitoring and evaluation system to ensure the achievement of school education,
To guide the concerned educational institutions and bodies and to play the role of regulator for achieving the national objective of school education.

The objectives of the Education and Human Resource Development Center are as follows:

To prepare and submit the plan and budget of basic and primary, lower secondary and secondary education to the Ministry of Education on the basis of prescribed policies and rules,
To implement primary and secondary education programs on the basis of policies and regulations made by the Ministry of Education,
To supervise, monitor and evaluate the programs related to primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary education and to send the progress report to the Ministry and related bodies,
To prepare a plan for the career development of the employees and submit it to the Ministry of Education,
To make arrangements for the implementation of the programs of the Department of Education in coordination with the programs of the Central Bodies,
To provide necessary manpower for the various programs to be conducted at the region and district level by the Ministry of Education and the agencies affiliated to the Ministry.
To make the budget expenditure of the educational programs run with the help of the donors from the concerned body and to make arrangements for its audit and also to make timely arrangements for the research.